Sometimes little thing make us happy. Happiness is not about what we have, but about how we think.. Hope you enjoy your day and make it great!

It is snowing!

We didn’t have snow this winter. I mean, real snow. I liked it because of the safe drivings and more time to sleep in the morning, (no need to shovel … Continue Reading →

The wood screws that I bought for the project were slightly longer than they were supposed to be, because the height of the wood board was smaller than described.

Two into One?

I planned this project a while ago, but I was mentally busy and was not in the mood to work with tools for a while to enjoy the holiday spirit. … Continue Reading →

mc 9

MeRrY cHrIsTmAs!!

I wish you all have a very blessed, merry Christmas and share the happiness with your family, friends and neighbors.                     … Continue Reading →


The coffee table

I finished it! It was an itsy-bisty job that I even hesitated to call a “project”. Yesterday I was planning to go to a paint store to buy a sample … Continue Reading →

Finally, this is the photo that we decided to use for the Christmas card. We all look good, aren't we?

Do you take Christmas card photos with your pet?

My sons are in high school and middle school and they both refused to take any pictures recently. Teenagers act weird sometimes, and my boys do with the photos. Surprising … Continue Reading →

The 10 minute fun is done. It literally took less than 10 min.

Mini Project!

Christmas shopping, writing and mailing cards and wrapping presents. Check! I might need a little more shopping and wrapping, but the major work is done!           … Continue Reading →


How could this have happened?

I can not stop thinking about the tragic incident that happened yesterday in CT. I’m a mom of two sons and I still remember how happy and proud I was … Continue Reading →

The black box has a little sheen on it.

I got my Christmas Presents! … I mean “first” presents. :)

Who can not love J.Crew? If you read my old posts or checked out my Pinterest boards, you probably know I’m kind of addicted to it. I don’t have any … Continue Reading →

Kate Spade New York Carousel

My wishlist for Christmas!

Here are things that I want to have for Christmas (hoping that somebody I know will read this post.) What is on your wishlist ? Do you have any recommendations … Continue Reading →

Sssssexy - Essie nail polish

Small things that I currently love!

I use this Moroccan oil hair treatment for the final touch on my hair after blow drying. I love the scent and it makes my hair look healthy and glowing without the … Continue Reading →