May Art Hop Kalamazoo

A dear friend of mine, Hyeri Chun is an oil artist who currently resides in Kalamazoo, MI. She studied fine arts at Ewha Womans University in South Korea, which is the … Continue Reading →

Picture 787

Offering Envelopes

The women’s mission in my church had a dedication service for the missionaries  that we supported last Sunday. I was asked to make the offering envelopes and here they are. I … Continue Reading →

GTLF four musketeers.

Girls night out and a concert.

As you might already know, I have a group of four friends and we have gatherings at least once or twice a month. Last time, we had a Girls Day … Continue Reading →

Brewing a cup of coffee to enjoy the cake properly.

Making a rainbow cake.

  • By Suna Cho
  • 20 April, 2013
  • Comments Off on Making a rainbow cake.

  A few day ago, it was my dear friend, Kyoung’s birthday. She is my long – time friend here in America, but for some odd reason we never celebrated … Continue Reading →

They will make your rainy days delightful. Hmm.

For your rainy days. – a Tiramisu cake and a few more sweetmates!

I love Tiramisu cake. It is so soggy, soft and has ingredients that I looooove. Mascarpone cheese, coffee and coffee liquor! I can eat the cheese itself, it is that … Continue Reading →

I crossed two different ribbons and attached the brown striped ribbon on the crossed spot.

Stamping on the box

I bought an alphabet stamp set for Easter eggs here. When I bought it, I knew there would be much other ways I could use them. One of my ideas … Continue Reading →

Elephant ceramic stool

Happy Chic By Jonathan Adler JCPenney

Have you checked out Jonathan Adler’s new “Happy Chic” collection at J.C. Penney? The two well known brands have partnered to created a shop-within-a-store.  Many people like us who live in small cities … Continue Reading →

Hyacinths. Love their cute bud shapes, color and  strong fragrance.

Things that I like today.

  Spring is finally here. I’ve been waiting this beautiful season for so long like many of you, so I’m so happy and thankful to see the bright sunshine, crisp … Continue Reading →

eggs 5

The same objects, Different effect.

  One of my dear friends who is an amateur photographer – his skill might have you thinking he’s a professional – took some pictures of the Easter eggs on … Continue Reading →