Another Great Craigslist Find

I love to find old but still very usable stuff from thrift stores or craigslist and give them new lives. When I transformed my basement to a livable place without help of professional contractors or fancy tools, I shopped at craigslist frequently and most of my stuff in the basement  are from there. For easier driving, I didn’t hesitate to buy a GPS. A few weeks ago, I found this 42′ round oak table from the craigslist and brought it to give it a 2nd chance to be loved. It was $60 and I’ve been looking for a round table for my eating area instead of the rectangular table from Ikea. So this is it!


Sorry, I forgot to take a “before” picture. but you still can see the original color.


I didn’t have an orbital sander, so used this compact mouse sander. For this job, the orbital one works beautiful.



Sanding which is the hardest job in staining furniture is finished!

Don’t forget to clean the gap of the table tops if it is expandable & also under the table. Little kids wipe their fingers under the table and you can see all kind of dried old food there. Yucky.


To remove all the dust after sanding, use tacky clothes. They work good.

I loved this unfinished look and was seriously thinking to use it as it is, but , this table will be used as our every day eating table, so I decided to give more protections for the heavy use


I used this wood conditioner before staining for an even stain finish.

Applying the wood conditioner.


I always use this Minwax Dark Walnut Finish.



After a coat of the stain. It smells terrible. I advise wear a pair of gloves and a mask & opening your windows.


Can you see the stain dripping on the leg?  You can wipe them using tacky cloth.

Oops! I didn’t wait enough for the prior wood finish to be fully dried, and some of the stain peeled off during the second application. Patience. Patience. You need patience. I used the Deft Clear Wood – Finish Satin for the final touch and applied 4 coats of it for better protection.

Here she is. I love it! Please ignore the other project going on over there.

White roses look beautiful on the new table.

How does she look? Isn’t she beautiful? Nobody would have thought it was $60 craigslist find.



Update : I’ve been using this table for two month now and still looks great. I have two sons who do their home works & projects here, so there are some minor scratches from their backpacks and other stuff. I am not happy to see these scratches thinking my hard work and sweats, but, it was supposed to be used to be loved. Does this make sense to you? I can give some TLC  for the top – no need for legs- after long years use if  it is needed.





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