Black To Green

6 years ago, I bought a desk and a drawer  from a local furniture store. They were very solid and heavy and in great condition.

One thing that I didn’t like about this set was the color. The original color was birch wood and the yellowish color was not quite my taste and seemed boring.

So I gave them a little TLC 2 years ago and changed their color to black which was my son’s choice.  Other than the occasional scrapes here and there, the paint was in good condition for two years.

With my son’s new room, I wanted a new look to the desk and drawers, so I don’t have a temptation to buy new furniture. I recently painted the wall of the room very dark navy, so I thought a vivid green with brass hardware would be a perfect roommate. When I was at Lowe’s for the other projects, I found some muted green “oops” paint for $2.50.  It was not the exact color that I was thinking , but it was green and affordable. So I took it with some L – shaped brackets home and I was good to go.

First, I sanded them lightly and applied a coat of Zinsser water based primer. I never used oil based primer before which some people preferred for painting furniture and cabinets, this water based primer always worked well for me. After the primer, I applied 3 coats of paint and wood finish followed after that. I was supposed to sand between the coats, but due to my laziness, I only sanded the tops of them for a smooth finish.

After a coat of primer and paint, I tried to mix some black paint to make the green color darker, but it seemed the same.



After 2 coats of paint. Looks better.


After 3 coats of paint. Almost done.

I used these brass finish corner braces to make them look like campaign furniture which I have been in love with.

Using a drill makes the next job easier.

I still didn’t find pulls or knobs that I like. I like their current look without the hardware on, however.

So this project is not quiet finished yet. The final look will be revealed soon.


The total cost :  $ 19.86

Paint   $ 2.50

Clear wood finish   $ 9.95

Corner braces   $ 7.41 ( for three packs)

Brush, Roller and other stuff   $ 0.00 (already owned)



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