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Sushi Restaurant

Does a sushi restaurant have to look like a “sushi” restaurant? I’m pinteresting images of restaurants that I’d like to adapt to our (me and my husband’s) future sushi restaurant. … Continue Reading →

GTLF four musketeers.

Girls night out and a concert.

As you might already know, I have a group of four friends and we have gatherings at least once or twice a month. Last time, we had a Girls Day … Continue Reading →

Brewing a cup of coffee to enjoy the cake properly.

Making a rainbow cake.

  • By Suna Cho
  • 20 April, 2013
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  A few day ago, it was my dear friend, Kyoung’s birthday. She is my long – time friend here in America, but for some odd reason we never celebrated … Continue Reading →

They will make your rainy days delightful. Hmm.

For your rainy days. – a Tiramisu cake and a few more sweetmates!

I love Tiramisu cake. It is so soggy, soft and has ingredients that I looooove. Mascarpone cheese, coffee and coffee liquor! I can eat the cheese itself, it is that … Continue Reading →

Enjoy yourself!

Let’s get this party started!

I have a girls’ group that was made for girls’ quality time and sharing our beautiful friendship. Most of us (four) are in our mid 40’s and each of us … Continue Reading →



My husband is a sushi chef and he makes the best sushi in and near the town. He is good at making not only sushi, but also every day meals. … Continue Reading →