Ikea Rast 3 Drawer Chest

I was looking for two side tables for my son’s bedroom and this small Ikea  drawer looked perfect for my usage and budget. They are $35 each and are made of solid pine wood. I bought two and applied wood primer on the top of the drawer for an even stain finish.




Can you see a difference in the picture below?




I didn’t want to see the rough painting  touches inside the drawers, so I taped them down using my favorite frog tape.




I bought 6 lion head ring pulls from ebay to replace the cheap wooden knobs. I patched  the hardware holes using  this stainable wood filler. After the wood filler fully dried, I sanded lightly and wiped with a clean cloth.

And then I drilled holes for new hardware before painting.





I applied two coats of white paint on the drawers and sanded lightly between the two coats.


I stained the tops of the drawers twice using a small foam brush. Don’t sand between the two coats. Just wipe out extra stains using tacky cloth. The stain smelled terrible, so it would be wise to wear a mask on and to open the windows. The brushes and cloths you use for this step are flammable, so you need to be careful.


Let them dry 2~3 days before you touch them. For me, this is the hardest step. Not being able to see how they turn out absolutely kills me.

I screwed the new hardware in the drawers, (the screws that come with the pulls were short, so I needed to buy new screws), and here they are!



I love them. I can’t say they are very stable like other heavy drawers, but they are good enough for the side tables.

The total cost of this project is $ 99.07.

Two Rast drawers                                      $ 70.00

Lion head pulls                                           $ 18.00 (from ebay)

Paint & Stain & Brush & Wood filler    $0.00 (already owned)

Frog tape                                                       $7.87

Foam brushes                                             $3.20 (for 4 of them)





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