Making a bed base

I have a cherry wood sleigh bed that I painted white for my second son’s room. The bed itself is in mint condition, but it didn’t have wood strips under the bed that support the mattress set. I removed all the original cheap wood strips that came with the bed – How could just a few thin wood strips support the heavy queen size mattress set? – and used a metal frame for a better support since then.

The problem was that I couldn’t use a bed skirt to hide this ugly metal frame under the mattress. The bed has curved side rails, so the bed skirt didn’t work well with them. It was an eye sore whenever I entered the room.

So I decided to change the metal frame to the wood strip base.  With lots of wood strips this time. The job was pretty easy.

  1. Measure the width of your bed. It will be the length of the wood strips.
  2. Measure the length of the bed. It will be the number of strips that you will need for this job.
  3. Decide the width of the wood strips. It is 3 inch width for mine.
  4. Go to any hardware store near you, buy & cut the wood to the size you want.
  5. Drill holes first and use wood screws for an easy task.
  6. It is ready to use. Let’s jump on the bed.

What you will need for this project.



You need two of these 2 by 2 wood strips under the wood strips to support them.



Screw the 2 by 2 wood strips to the side rails first.



I used too small of a drill bit on my first try, so the wood screw didn’t pierce into the wood. Changed the drill bit, and it worked!



Keep working!



The Job is done. Once you place the mattress set back, you won’t see the area that is not painted.



The total cost of this easy project was $ 19.12

2 by 2 by 8   $ 2.56 ( for two)

1 by 3 by 8   $ 16.56 (for 12)

Screw driver, Drill, wood screws (already owned)




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