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I have an unfinished basement. It will be great if we can have it finished. We have three bedrooms upstairs, so one more bedroom with a small bathroom can be a good addition for us & guests- mostly boys’ friends- and a big space for watching TV & movies, playing games & music,and using computers. Speaking of computers, I really hope we can have wireless desktops soon. I dislike cables that are always tangled no matter how well or often you organize them. Anyway, if I have a finished basement, it will be awesome. Until the dream or wish comes true, I made this unusable, dusty space to a “not satisfied but livable” space. I don’t have “before” pictures, because I didn’t think about starting a blog back then. But if you have a house with a unfinished ,long-time neglected basement, mine was exactly like yours. Some unused or seasonal stuff here and there collecting dust, spiderwebs ,all the small dead bugs and dust , dust, dust.

Most of the furniture is from Craigslist.


The stairs to the basement.I applied a coat of brown concrete floor paint.


I painted the wall yellow & white stripes which were leftover from other projects. The goal was of this project was going cheap.


The corner of the stairs. Hung a poster,fabric,an article & comics that I can find easily around house.



If I turn around the corner of stairs, can see this dresser that I bought at Craigslist at $25 & painted white.



Game room


I bought all the furniture from Craigslist and cleaned them out. I replaced the cushion foams of the wing back chairs and made slipcovers. The foam of the other two chairs were in good conditions, so I dried them under the sun and reused them. The rug is from PB.



The curtains are a black & white chevron fabric that I bought from & I simply sewed them. Can see the fabric board that I made on the striped wall. Hi, Oreo!



My sewing table.It is from Craigslist, of course, and I painted the legs of the table it is on white and stained the top. I used to share this table with my husband , but, now we have our own tables for sewing and playing guitar.



Table table at $40. I hung a drop cloth curtain to hide a water heater and other seasonal stuff. I couldn’t use a curtain rod, so used velcro tapes.



A closer look of the curtains.



I have 2 wood board paneled walls to cover the stairways and this is one of them. I tried to make an American flag gluing empty soda cans, but, they kept falling,so I might use white starfishes that I have to replace them later.











Originally Pier 1 rattan chairs $240 each & I got them at $ 20. Had some tears on the back seat, so I covered them with the fabric. The foam of the chairs were in good conditions.


The glass table $25.



I used 4 old tires to hide the toilet holes on the floor and also painted them red. With the cushions they became great chairs.

See the hole?



I spent about $1000.00 for this project. Everything used in the basement(nails,woods,paints,furniture, game tables, frames, rugs,curtains and so on) is included in this number except the TV & Game set. Me & my family are satisfied with the outcome. With the price tag, we can use this huge space for many uses.We don’t have any insulation for now, so this space is mostly used in the summer.We bought some portable heaters for winter, but, they weren’t warm enough for my boys while playing video games without complaining.

I might end up finishing the basement in the future, but for now, I am so happy with the fact that most of the furniture is fixed up from a cheap, used product.

What do you think?






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