Oreo is my 5 years young boy who my family loves very much. He is ย a black & white bi-colored daisy dog. He is a non-shedding,ย hypoallergenicย dog, so I don’t need to worry about all the hair floating around the house. He sheds less than us. Seriously.

He doesn’t smell like a dog. Actually he always smells like he just took a bath. People, I’m not exaggerating, this is the truth. ๐Ÿ™‚

He has very soft hair that everybody loves to pet.

He loves being with us, but doesn’t ask for much attention. A 30 minute walk everyday if possible, a few minutes playing hide & ย seek with his toys and two meals is all he wants from us but gives us back unconditional love, joy and happiness.

We love him so much and hope he loves being with us as much as we love being with him.


Oreo sitting on his favorite pink beach towel



How could I not love you?



Please leave me alone!



Mom, I’m bored!



Before a haircut



Mobile Pet Grooming. Have you ever tried it? I liked it. Hope Oreo felt less stress here rather than going to a grooming shop.



Sorry for the blurry picture. He’s waiting for a snack in front of the pantry door after the grooming.



He always loves sitting on something. Our blankets & clothes, boys’ backpacks & socks, his stuffed toys, my pillows & curtains are his favorite. He barely sleeps on his day bed. In this picture, he is testing a new quilt that I bought for his younger brother.



This is when he is in his “bad boy” mode. He’s looking for some trouble. The main targets are toilet paper, books, pencils and my flip flops. However, he drops them when I say “drop” and walks fast to the pantry door & waits for a special treat for being a good boy.



Waiting for his brother from school at the front door.



Here he (one of his brothers) comes!





I couldn’t imagine my life with a dog before.

Now I can not imagine my life without him. Oreo, He is a such a blessing to us.



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