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My first son is junior in high school. He is a good looking young MAN who has a very warm, easy going personality. Whenever I see his room, I wanted to change the wall color,bed (he was using a twin bed which I bought for him when he was 7, I told you, he is so easy going ) and some deco that represent his age.  One day, he was kindly asking if he could  have a bigger bed, and my answer was “Yes, Absolutely”.

The next day, I headed to Lowes to buy some paint. He wanted to have a dark color and I was leaning to a very dark navy at the time. I liked charcoal, grey, black and even chalkboard paint as well.  So I bought one gallon of  dark navy paint from Valspar  and asked to tint it darker.


I love frog tape for trimming for any paint jobs. I patched all the nail holes  and took off  the switch covers. Now all you need to do is brushing & rolling & brushing & rolling all day long!


Before Painting


The Other Side.

Ready to Paint.









Patch the Holes.








Tape All The Trims






I prefer do all the edges and tricky places first using a 2″ angled Purdy brush.




Around the switch and air duct covers if you have.

First coat is applied. Final look is not glossy like this photo.



For this project, I wanted to try the Valspar brand from Lowe’s. I can’t say I love it as much as I love BM, but it turned out fine. I applied just two coats and it covered the old paint colors which were black & blue. I worried they might turn out half dark and half lighter for the old color schemes, but it turned out great. However, I was not completely happy with the end result. It looked too dark in the night – almost black and it revealed some brush strokes and fix marks under the paint which is normal if you use semi – gloss or gloss paints.Overall, I’m satisfied with the result and the room will turn out great when it is done. Painting? Check! The final look of this room will be posted soon with more pictures.


The total cost is $ 44.95.

Paint  $ 33.98

Purdy roller cover 3pack  $ 10.97

The other stuff  $ 0.00 (already owned)





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