Painting a refrigerator

I love chalkboard paint. I used it for my boy’s room with magnetic paint under it, and inside of a kitchen cabinet for my grocery shopping lists and quick memos.

I’m currently tackling my small kitchen hoping this place turns out to be a fun,bright and not-so-kitchenish kitchen, so I decided to paint my old white fridge with the chalkboard paint. It will be a big memo board for me to assist my aging brain. I can’t do this if I have a fancy stainless glass door refrigerator, but I was lucky enough to have old stuff like this, so I can play with them with no burden or guilt. In case we have a new one, it can go to the basement to serve my boy’s, saving them from one less trip to the kitchen.

Some people tell me to think about the resale value and some buyers might not like my changes. That’s true. And I sort of agree. But, the point is…  I want to transform my house into a home that my family feels happy, fun and cozy in.  I’m pretty sure I’m not going to live in this house forever, but, for now, I’ll love my house in my way that serves my family’s need.


My white refrigerator



What you will need for this fun project.



After first coat! Looks not that pretty.



I didn’t paint the water & ice dispenser area.



After 3 coats! Much better.



Another Picture.



After you’re done painting, you need to fill the surface with a layer of chalk before use.



Do you like my chalkboard painted refrigerator? I do. I do.



Inside of a cabinet which stores my coffee maker, microwave, rice cooker and the accessories come with them. No more countertop clutters!



The total cost : $14.98

Chalkboard paint   $14.98

Purdy 2 pack 4″ roller cover, if you need them   $5.48 (already owned)



As you can notice, I painted the kitchen cabinets white. More details and pictures coming soon.



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