Painting The Kitchen Cabinets

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My maple cabinets were in great condition except some sun fadings which nobody would notice before one opened the cabinets and saw the inside original, rich colors.

So when I brought up the plan of painting cabinets, nobody was on my side.

One day, I felt like I couldn’t resist it anymore. I couldn’t stop thinking about the cabinets. The yellow wall color with the yellowish cabinet colors was the worst combination ever.

So this long & lonely  journey was started without anybody’s help or support.


I sketched the kitchen and marked the location of the cabinets with numbers.You need this map for the reinstall.



Put the number tag to each cabinet. I used the frog tape to make the next jobs easier. You can take it off and on when you sand or paint.



Take off all the pulls, knobs and hinges from the cabinets and place them in the bags with the same number of the cabinets.



All the doors are taken off. At this point, I was both excited and scared.



Oreo’s food section which was in the corner of the lower cabinet was also removed.



Sorry, Oreo.



I opened the garage door and started sanding inside and outside of the cabinets. One is done. Thirty more cabinets to go.



I don’t have any more pictures of the sanding process. It was the hardest job I’ve ever done,so I didn’t have any energy left for taking pictures. Sorry about that.



After sanding & deglossing, I glued this 2 inch wood strips to the side of the lower cabinets for a better look.



Dap paintable and stainable caulk for this job.



The caulk was applied to the gap between the cabinet and the wood strips.



BM Fresh Start Water-based primer, Purdy 2 inch angled brush and foam rollers.



The primer was applied. I used small plastic cups for the lift.



I forgot to take picture of the deglosser. I used one that was in the BM store when I bought the paint.



The primer was applied after light sanding.



The cabinets are ready to be painted. In total, there were 34 including 3 cabinet shelves. I painted the inside first, waited a day and painted the outside. I repeated this process three times for each side.



After second coat. I used the brush for the cracks and tricky spots and the roller for the rest of the area.



I used BM Advanced White Satin Finish (white dove) for this job. I applied very thin and even three coats of the paint.



After third coat. I’m almost there.

Ready to go back to their places.



The same rule was applied to the bodies of cabinets. Sand, degloss, prime, sand, then 3 coats of paint.



First coat was applied. I’ll use this cabinet as an open shelf.



I painted the inside of the cabinet with leftover chalkboard paint from the refrigerator project.



I also transformed a pantry to the space for the counter clutters like a coffee maker, microwave, rice cooker and stuff their accessories. I drilled three small holes for each plug in the back side and connected them to the outlet behind the refrigerator.



The Final Look!



My chalkboard painted refrigerator. Love it!



The new water faucet was added.



The new pulls were painted to the same gold color of the newly spray painted old knobs.



I installed two new pulls on the fake cabinets.



All the new cabinet doors are installed. I sprayed Valspar metallic gold paint to the current knobs.



Fun stripes for a brighter kitchen



The look from the family room



The other side. You can see the wood decorations on the bottom side.



I want to have this wall paper in my kitchen as the backsplash. It is washable which is OK in the kitchen.



Love this wall paper. Will be beautiful in the small powder room with some gold accents.



My New Kitchen!!!



It was not an easy project. I was sick during the process because of the hard work and I woke up during the night  from soreness. You don’t know how many times I was in regret about my not-so-smart decision and doing this which was seemed to never end. Nobody forced me to do this, so there was no one I could blame. After I applied the third coats, I didn’t even go to the basement to check out the results. I was thinking “I’m going to re hang them no matter how they look and never do this again.”

So these doors are hung a week later which is not normal for a person like me who is very impatient, however, it was good for the cabinets, giving them enough time to dry.

I still have some minor projects in this kitchen project like making a new hood cover, backsplash and some decorations for the open shelf.

But, my kitchen is almost finished and I want to celebrate it with you.

It was a long journey, but it was worth it.

I love my kitchen and hopefully you all enjoyed reading, and got inspiration from me the way I got it from other bloggers.

Happy cooking, happy family.


The total cost : $163.98

Advance Satin White Dove from Benjamin Moore   $59.99

Fresh start water based primer from BM   $16.99

Wilbond Deglosser   $12.79

Foam roller covers 4 packs  $10.00

Sanding blocks and papers (Med and fine)   $15.15

Tack cloth   $4.18 (for two)

Purdy 2 1/2″ paint brush   $14.48

Dap paintable caulk   $2.28

Martha Stewart Awning cup pulls   $14.00 ( for 7)

Spray paint metallic gold   $4.00

Cabinet bumpers   $10.12



The new water faucet is Harlon from Moen and the price is $180.96 after $18 discount is applied. I love the clean look and it is easy to install. The hardest part is removing the old one. It took more than 2 hrs for uninstalling the old one with lots of scratches and greases on my hands.







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