The Laminate Countertop

I have a gray and yellow toned laminate countertop that doesn’t seem to match with anything in my kitchen. I would love a black soapstone countertop, but with my tiny budget, I had to consider other options.

I could have new laminate countertop installed, or apply new laminate sheets or paint on the current countertop.  The cheapest & most doable DIY option was chosen. Paint.

I’ve known this product for a while and wanted to try it out one day to see if it is durable for all the uses in the kitchen. I applied two coats of this sticky & stinky paint using a foam roller. It says apply one coat,but in my case,one coat was too thin. I recommend using two thin, even coats if you ever use this product.

I removed the backsplash before I started painting. I shook it back and forth until it was taken apart from the top.



Under the backsplash. There were screws that connected the top and the backsplash.



All the backsplash were removed.





I removed all the screws and glues and wiped the top before painting.



The screw holes behind the water faucet were nasty.



I patched the screw holes using this wood filler.



All screw holes disappeared.



I sanded the top including the fixed holes lightly and taped down using the frog tape.



After first coat! You can see the roller marks. You need one more coat.



After second coat.



The paint is very sticky and collects dust while it is being dried. Stay away from the kitchen until the paint is fully dried.



The counter top is touchable 4 to 5 hours after painting. I didn’t use it for a day to make sure it is fully dried.



The result was OK, but not great. but with $20, It was a good try and I’m satisfied with the result. I don’t think I would use this painted countertop forever. It can be a good temporary solution if you have an ugly laminate countertop and want to change it before you could have a “real” one.

It looks great in distance, but if I see it closely, I can see some roller marks.

A tip for those of you who want a black color like me or any other dark colors : Dust will be caught on the counter tops  so you need to wipe it often to keep it looking clean.

Overall, this is a great product for people who don’t have a big budget for a new kitchen.




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