I haven’t decided yet what kind of backsplash I wanted in my kitchen. The white subway tiles are my long time favorite and so are the penny tiles. I love the clean & classic look of them and they are very popular choices in the kitchen. However, kitchens with tiles look too much like a typical kitchen to me.

I wanted my kitchen to look like another beautiful room in the house. I don’t know why, but, I don’t like the typical looking like bedroom-like bedrooms, bathroom-like bathrooms and so on.

My current love for the kitchen wall (or  backsplash) is this wallpaper From Thibaut.  I love dots. I love animal prints. But I do not love their typical look. Picky, right?  So this wallpaper is perfecto for me!! The only problem is… I have no experience installing wallpaper. It will be different than painting and a place like a kitchen has many tricky areas. So this idea (sigh) will be on my wishlist until I’m really ready & confident.

For now I just wanted to have some tiles on the back side of the water faucet. So I bought 12 of these square tiles(4 1/4 in by 4 1/4 in), which was perfect length for the space without cutting the tiles. Nothing could beat the price. It was $.13 each. I also bought this and this for the tile installation. So the total cost was less than $17.


The wallpaper I love.



It will look cute in my kitchen.


Applied this thinset & grout in one to the wall using the small repair kit before I placed the tiles.



I started tiling from the middle.



I just kept tiling and wiping the tiles using the wet sponge.



The tiling is done. Need to grout.



I grouted the tiles using the same adhesive.



I painted the white stripes to the same height of the tiles for a united look.





After the grout is dried for a day, I cleaned them with the wet sponge.



This simple project was done. You can see the white stripe on the left side.



They look like stripes from the distance.









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